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the Railway

Art-house film tells the story of the search for love and happiness. A school principal and his friend steal a large amount of coal and take it by an old abandoned rail into the vast borderless steppe where they want to sell it.

The principal desperately needs money for school repairs, and his friend is trying to get away from the memories: his wife left him recently. Their son, little dumb Mishka, he would not let her take, and now he took him for a ride. And here the locomotive hurtling across the steppe, hurtling towards dreams and hopes. But whether they are destined to come true? Third of the coal that was for sale, was taken by Gypsies; people from roadside villages live in poverty - they can not pay for coal, they can only exchange ...

The principal takes everything - old furniture, food, a ring with a stone, statue of the Moor ... "Everything at school is useful". At one station the principal meets the barmaid Louise - she is ready to do anything to get out of the backwoods in which she lives. The friends take her with. Should they go further? Traveling circus troupe robbes the travelers, taking all the bartered things... The principal is beaten by kids-vampires, a flock of ladybirds attacks the locomotive... But how to get back home, if coal is over? Maybe on an elephant... 

About the film

Feature film ordered by the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography

  • Genre: road-movie
  • Year: 2008
  • Film Director: Alexey Fedorchenko
  • Producers: Dmitri Vorobyev, Alexey Fedorchenko
  • Screenplay: Alexander Gonorovsky
  • Cinematographer: Leonid Iluhin
  • Production designers: Alexey Pashchenko, Alexey Potapov, Valery Lukin, Sergey Pertsev
  • Make-up: Larisa Kozlova
  • Costume Designer: Olga Gusak
  • Composer: Alexandr Pantykin
  • Sound: Victor Gerrat
  • Editor: Lyudmila Zalozhneva


  • Sergey Belyaev 
  • Victor Terelya 
  • Olga Degtyareva 
  • Daniil Shavkunov 
  • Elena Veshkurtseva 
  • Peter Zaychenko


  • "Silver Phoenix" Award, Warsaw International Jewish Festival, 2004
  • Grand Prix, "Europe's Point of Divergence/Convergence" International Film Festival, 2004
  • Grand Prix, Telethon "Real Documentaries", 2005