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Anna's war

The Holocaust tragedy through the experience of one little girl

This film is about the life of 6-year-old, Anna during World War II. Amid the mass, coordinated execution of Jewish people, her parents were killed. Anna miraculously survives because her mother covered the little girl’s body with her own. Anna spent a few years living in a disused chimney in the Commandant’s office, from her shelter she watched as life passed by until the village was liberated from the Nazis. In these inhuman conditions, Anna doesn’t just survive but somehow holds on to her humanity. Many factors helped her; memories from her past life, swept away by war, the cultural foundations laid by her parents and a cat who saved her from loneliness. 

About the film

full-length film, co-production with SagaFilmProduction

  • Genre: drama
  • Year: 2018
  • Film director: Alexey Fedorchenko
  • Screenplay: Alexey Fedorchenko, Natalia Meschaninova
  • Director of photography: Alisher Khamidhodzaev
  • Producers: Andrey Saveliev, Artem Vasiliev, Dmitry Vorobiev, Alexey Fedorchenko
  • Production designer: Alexey Maksimov
  • Costume designers: Olga Gusak, Larisa Mekhanoshina
  • Make-up: Polina Statsenko
  • Sound designer: Timofey Shestakov


  • National Cinema Award "Nika" - the Best Feature Film of 2018, the Best Actress
  • Award of the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Russia "Golden Eagle"– the Best Film of 2018, the Best Director
  • National Prize of Film Critics and Film Press "White Elephant"- the Best Film of 2018, the Best work of the Cinematographer, the Best Actress
  • Special diploma of the jury “For creating a piercing image of war seen through the eyes of a child” of the 29th Open Russian Film Festival “Kinotavr”
  • Best Director Award of the 8th “On the Edge” IFF
  • Grand Prix of the 2nd “Gorky Fest” 
  • Yul Brynner Award of the 16th Pacific Meridian IFF
  • Youth Matters award of the Riga IFF
  • Best Director Award of the XII All-Russian Festival of Historical Films “Veche”
  • Best Actress Award of the Eurasia IFF
  • Audience Award of the “Zerkalo” IFF
  • “Memory Keeper” Award of the Russian Jewish Congress
  • The Best Russian film 2018 according to the magazine "Art of Cinema"
  • Long-list of feature-length fiction films recommended for a nomination for the European Film Awards 2018