Angels of Revolution

Year 1934. Something is rotten in the North of USSR: shamans (native priests) of two indigenous populations, Khanty and Nenets, do not wish to accept new ideas.

To reconcile two great cultures, the Russian Avant-garde and the Ancient Paganism, six metropolitan artists leave for the primeval forests around the great Siberian river Ob: a composer, a sculptor, a theater director, a Constructivist architect, a Primitive film director and the chief of the unit – the famous “Polina the Revolution”… The film is based on real events.

About the film

Feature film, with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

  • Genre: romantic drama
  • Year : 2014
  • Director: Alexey Fedorchenko
  • Screenplay: Alexey Fedorchenko, with Denis Osokin and Oleg loevsky
  • Cinematographer: Sandor Berkeshi
  • Producers: Dmitri Vorobyev, Alexey Fedorchenko
  • Composer: Andrey Karasev
  • Production designers: Alexey Fedorchenko, Artem Habibulin
  • Costume Designer: Olga Gusak
  • Make-up: Polina Statsenko
  • Editor: Roman Vazhenin
  • Sound: Timofey Shestakov


  • Daria Ekamasova 
  • Pavel Basov
  • Georgiy Iobadze
  • Konstantin Balakirev
  • Oleg Yagodin
  • Alexey Solonchev

In the 1930s, to normalize the relations with the natives, the Soviets built the Kazym cultural base in the primeval forest (taiga) on the bank of the Amnya River, a tributary of the Kazym River. A stronghold of Soviet culture in the North, the Kazym cultural base included a school, a hospital, a veterinary point of care and even a museum. But the natives, Khanty and Forest Nenets, did not accept the new culture: it was prohibited by their ancient gods to contact the Russians. Local inhabitants still prefer to whisper when they talk of the events that took place in the Kazym forest and which are invariably called the Great Samoyedic War.


  • Marcus Aurelius Award, Rome Film Festival, 2014
  • Cineuropa Award, «Lisbon&Estoril» FF, 2014
  • Special Award, Tallinn Black Nights FF, 2014
  • «Best screenplay» nomination, Asia Pacific Screen Awards
  • Prize for Best Direction, Prizes of the Guild of Film Critics and Film Scholars Elephant, Open Russian FF «Kinotavr» 2015
  • Prize for the best film in the Russian program, Moscow IFF, 2015
  • Special jury mention, Odessa IFF, 2015
  • Best director, Yakutsk IFF, 2015